Aragon defibrillator regulations

Regulations on external defibrillators in the Community of Aragón

Regulations on the installation, training and use of external defibrillators in the Autonomous Community of Aragon. Regulation of the use of external defibrillators, training, facilities for cardioprotected spaces and maintenance.

Legislation that regulates the use and installation of defibrillators in the Community of Aragon

The decree 229 / 2006, of 21 of November, of Government of Aragon, regulates the use and the location of the automatic external defibrillators (AED) and semiautomatic (DESA) in non-healthcare establishments.

According to this decree 229 / 2006, of 21 of November, of the Government of Aragon, it is recommended to have a defibrillator:

The international and national transport terminals with a transit of more than 1.000 people.

Shopping centers superior to 1.000 square meters.

The stadiums, sports centers, entertainment venues, conference rooms, events or exhibitions, gyms and educational centers with capacity or for which more than 500 people pass.

Aircraft, trains or vessels with capacity equal to or greater than one hundred passengers.

Training for the use of external defibrillators

For its use, the non-medical or nursing staff must have the corresponding accreditation, which will be obtained by meeting the requirements (be of legal age and have the title of school graduate or equivalent) and developing and overcoming the training courses taught by the centers and institutions authorized to do so.

These training courses consist of 8 theoretical-practical hours, which will be valid for 1 year, and must subsequently carry out a recycling of 4 hours.

Institutions, companies, establishments or non-health services that have an external defibrillator, must communicate to the Provincial Service of the Department responsible for Health, the availability of the DESA defibrillator and the trained personnel for its management. In addition, they will have two sets of patches and a complete kit of oxygen therapy.

Location of the defibrillator within the cardioprotected space

The defibrillator should be located in an accessible place, with enough space for its use and be properly signaled.

Maintenance of the external defibrillator

To ensure the proper use of the defibrillation device, the necessary revisions and maintenance will be carried out, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Action protocol in case of using the external defibrillator

In case of using a DESA, it is necessary to communicate the intervention, in the immediate moment of use, to the emergency services in order to guarantee the continuity of care and medical follow-up of the affected person, and later, complete the assistance sheet provided. the patient to send it to the Sanitary Emergency Center of the 061, as well as the computerized copy of the event collected in the defibrillator data system.

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