Defibrillator regulations La Rioja

Regulations on external defibrillators in La Rioja

La Rioja is one of the Autonomous Communities that are most committed to the installation and training in use of defibrillators throughout the country.

Legislation of La Rioja on external defibrillators - Regulation and obligation

In its regulations, the Government of La Rioja says that "The competent health adviser may establish, as a subsidy, financial aid for the installation of defibrillators.", which is an advantage in relation to other autonomous communities. The defibrillators do not have a high price (much less !!!!) ... but any governmental economic aid ... will always be grateful ...

Since the year 2008 requires very specific training requirements for its use ... But that does not mean that training is more difficult to overcome than in other communities ... on the contrary ... The more training hours, the more practices are carried out ... and the safer and safer we will be in case of having to use the link of the chain of survivals called "the key to survival".

The regulations on the use of defibrillators in the Autonomous Community of La Rioja are established in 2 decrees:

The 48 / 2008 that regulates the use of defibrillators in the community and the 140 / 2011, which adds several modifications to the original and complements it. In this post we will unify the 2 articles as if it were one to have the clearest regulations.

Who can install a defibrillator in their facilities?

"Any organism or institution, public or private company, or individual, may install in its dependencies or domicile one or more defibrillators for use by non-medical personnel."

The regulations explain it transparently ... Everyone can have a defibrillator in our work, sports, educational facilities ... and even in our domestic environment !!!!!

The recommendation from the Government of La Rioja is that there are defibrillators in

"All the establishments in which they receive or in which they transit or remain large concentrations of people, such as:

Government Presidency Building of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja.

Airport, railway stations and buses of Logroño.

Shopping centers with a surface area greater than 1.000 square meters.

The stadiums, sports centers, entertainment venues, conference rooms, events or exhibitions, gyms, educational centers and companies with capacity, or in which they transit, more than 500 people per day. "

Yes ... It is not worth any defibrillator ... the one that is installed ... must be approved and must register conveniently in the Registry of Defibrillators of La Rioja. In this registry, we must also include the data of the people who have the necessary training for its use (Name, Surname and ID)

Action protocol


But with calling we do not finish our work ... once our work is finished, we will have to fill in a data record sheet (called Model Utsein). This registry exists in many formats throughout the world, but (with subtle differences) they will ask us for the same data.

The main objective of this report is to assess the way in which the survival rate could be improved worldwide.

This report will have to be sent within a NON-SUPERIOR term of 24 HOURS to the Community's emergency service along with the records that the equipment that we have used has inside it.

Important to remember the 3 point of this 6 Article:

"In the first month of each year, the person responsible for each defibrillator will send a report on the use of the equipment to the General Directorate of Insurance, Accreditation and Benefits."


The maintenance that the person in charge of a defibrillator has to perform is the basic one of these equipment:

-Batteries charged

-Parches without expiration fulfilled

-Canel signaler of your existence

-Cartel with the rules of use

But remember ... these posters should be placed "in a visible place and facing the public".

Although this maintenance can be carried out by the person in charge of the equipment, from Proyecto Salvavidas, we recommend that for a better control of patches, batteries and state of the equipment and not to scare us when using it, it is done through a specialized company.

(Find out what our maintenance service includes)

Who can use a semi-automatic external defibrillator?

To be able to use a defibrillator, you must be a person with the accreditation given when passing the initial training: A course of 8 hours where the knowledge about Basic Life Support and the Use of the Defibrillator is imparted.

This degree has a maximum duration of 2 years, so before that period of time, you must perform the recycling: A reminder course of 4 hours and (as in the initial course), you must pass the theoretical exams and practical ([Email protected]…It is easy… ?).

This training will be given by an APPROVED institution through the Government of La Rioja and will transmit your data to RiojaSalud, so that you are included[Email protected] in the registry of personnel that can use a DESA in La Rioja.

(Lifeguard Project is approved in ALL Autonomous Communities for the teaching and renewal of training).

Currently the Government of La Rioja, is meeting with different institutions and health agencies to ask for advice on where should go the next decree that regulates the use of the defibrillator. This means that soon (it is expected that over the next year 2019, according to different organisms), a new one will be published, which repeals or modifies the 48 / 2008 and the 140 / 2011.

DOWNLOAD REGULATIONS that regulate the use of automated external defibrillators in La Rioja

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